Our Education Ministry is to spread the love of God in the heart so fall people,in the spirit of St.Francis of Assisi,by imparting the values of human dignity,brotherhood,equality and justice.


‘ Peace, Love, Service ’ is the motto of St.Francis School. To in grain the value of ‘Servicebeforeself’; to inculcate the importance of duty to fellow beings be fore expecting rights has been the constant endeavour of the school.The Franciscan Society aims at the integral development of the whole person,enlightened leadership, social responsibility and commitment to nation building. The school believes in the integral development of the whole person emphasizing on value and quality education with a view to prepare them to face the challenges of life. Special attention is given to ensure a high standard of morality and discipline in the school.The students will be prepared for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (I.C.S.E), New Delhi, which has been recognized by the Government of India as one of the main All- India School examining bodies.